Shelley Richmond | For the many, not the few

For the many, not the few

May 11, 2017  •  9 Comments

I'm currently pushing myself to create more documentary and editorial work and yesterday I spotted an opportunity...

Yesterday evening I went along to a campaign rally in North Sheffield where Jeremy Corbyns campaign bus was calling in on the Shirecliffe Community Centre. The atmosphere was wonderful and I met some really interesting folk. I decided to take a series of portraits while I was there, I want to show the diversity of the supporters that came out to cheer and wave, the people that the campaign is built for. The many, not the few...


Andy Whiteman(non-registered)
Wonderful Photos. You Are A Very Talented. Photographer. The Last Shot Of Jc And Supporter Brilliant as are the rest. Thanks. Love, Peace And Woodstock #JC4PM
Eileen Mahony(non-registered)
In the desperation of it all your pictures give me hope for a better world. A world with a leader who shows Love and Peace and Affection.
Wonderful work and that last shot is pure magic, I hope Jeremy has seen it!
Diana Baker(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! The last one of Jeremy getting a hug brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing them!
Lorraine Turner(non-registered)
These photos are so beautiful, especially in the context in which they were taken, they actually made my eyes water!
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