SNAP PHOTO FEST, or 75 photographers get drunk and emotional in the Fforest

April 25, 2015  •  2 Comments

I spent the week before last at a brand new photography workshop deep in the Welsh countryside. SNAP is the brain child of Laura Babb who's work I've been a fan of for quite a while. I've never even been to a photography workshop before and I didn't really know many other photographers at all.

The line up of speakers over 4 days looked fantastic, and though I'd not heard of all of them I loved the diversity of styles & approaches on offer. SNAP was predominantly a wedding photography festival but there was so much more on offer. The setting was beautiful, I am happiest when I'm camping, nothing but a layer of canvas between myself and the stars and I got to share a tipi with some wonderful ladies.

I expected to learn about how to run a better business and how to develop my brand. I expected to pick up tips for workflow, shooting and editing and I expected to be inspired by all the speakers in different ways. What I did not expect was to come away with 75 new friends (and I mean real friends) I didn't expect to bond so quickly and deeply with these people, I didn't expect to feel confident enough to get half naked in a field to shoot swap boudoir images at sunset. I didn't expect to party so hard that I fell over approximately 8 times in 1 hour, I didn't expect impromptu 90's raves in tipis at 4am, I didn't expect mind altering perception changing talks, I didn't expect to cry so much and feel so much...

Turns out we're a pretty emotional bunch us wedding photographers and maybe that's got a little to do with why we do what we do. Buying that ticket was one of the best things I've even done. I am completely STOKED for this seasons weddings and above everything that I learned at Snap it was so reassuring to hear that I'm on the right track, that I should be true to me and my style and not emulate anyone else, that there is no 'right way' only your way. This is my way...


So lovely to see your experience. Defo going next year!!!
OMG they are all beautiful. I am in love with the black and white of emma + pete. Eeeeeep thank you <3
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