Best of 2015

December 18, 2015  •  5 Comments

This year has been nothing short of incredible... I feel like I've really become part of a community in more ways than one. At the beginning of this year I knew a grand total of 2 other photographers and now I have over 70 that I consider good friends. This community that I've found myself a place in, is amazing! I've also had the chance to meet and work with some other wonderful, like minded creatives, from designers or musicians to  hair and make up artists, all of my work would be nothing without you guys. I've worked harder than I ever have before this year and I know there's still a lot of hard work to come, but I'm proud of what I've achieved so far.

This year I taught my first workshop, photographed my musical hero and got featured as a Rising Star in Professional Photo Magazine. I've given talks on my personal projects, set up a studio with fiends, fundraised for my favourite charity, embraced boudoir photography, made self portraits that I like and created images with friends for no reason other than making art...

I wonder what 2016 will bring



Just stunning!
Rebecca Douglas(non-registered)
Wow - you're images are just incredible - what a truly epic year you have had xx
Absolutely beautiful, every frame. Something I've wanted to say all year is, in additional to how obviously talented you are, I'm really envious of your drive to achieve so much. To really push yourself on top of all the wedding work you've done. It's incredible.
absolutely amazing set of photos! love the style of your editing! well done!
Becky Ryan(non-registered)
Wow congrats on such a successful year Shelley, sounds like you had an awesome 2015! I l adore the photo of the birdie on the wing mirror, very cool! All the best for 2016 :D
Becky x
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