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I am really nervous about sharing this image, I think it's because the issues that I'm trying to communicate are so important to me...

At this time of year people are generally more charitable, I try to do my bit for charities that are close to my heart throughout the year but it's human nature to want to give that little bit extra at Christmas. The Band Aid debate is still dragging on in the media, is it good, is it bad... I don't know, but at least it's something.

For me charity begins at home, in my city, on my doorstep. There are far too many people struggling, homeless and lonely all year round, but especially at Christmas, the issue receives much more attention in the media, the same goes for homeless animals like dogs, rescues are bursting full across the country, cruelty and neglect increasing.

This Christmas please consider those that are struggling with homelessness and poverty (both human and animal) where ever you live, by donating or helping in what ever way you can.

Below is a list of charities and projects local to me (Sheffield UK) that do wonderful work, it's not exhaustive as I don't know them all but I'd love to hear of similar charities wherever your doorstep is...

Cathedral Archer Project - a homeless day centre based at Sheffield Cathedral (their Christmas shoebox appeal has a facebook page)

Nomad - helping people regain their independence and rebuild their lives

City Centre Soup Van - a co-ordinated service provided by various church groups on a rota which provides free soup, rolls, clothes and information to people who are homeless. Also Christmas dinner in December.

Rain Rescue - my adopted charity, they save the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats in South Yorkshire every year (their Christmas appeal has a facebook page too)

Helping Yorkshire Poundies - a tiny organisation that gets dogs due to be put to sleep into safe temporary accomodation and finds them permanent homes

Friends of Ferals - a small group of dedicated volunteers who care for the homeless cats of Sheffield

There are so many ways that you can help, it's not always about money. Time is just as valuable, the Sheffield branch of the RSPCA are looking for volunteer foster carers for their dogs over the Festive period, I can't tell you how rewarding it is, if you have the space and feel a little lonely yourself this Christmas, please consider fostering a homeless hound.




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